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Product Take Back software by numi.
How take back works

Hello, this is numi. 👋🏼

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Set up your program

The numi.builder helps you set up your individual Take Back Program with just a few clicks.

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Automate Take Back

Customers send back products to your preferred recovery points. We automise presorting and distribution.

A woman uses the numi Take Back program and can thus keep many products in circulation

Keep products in circles

Every Product Take Back reduces waste and allows you to open new income streams.

A man looking at charts, which depict the positive impact a company can have with numi

Measure your impact

The numi.platform tracks all Take Backs and generates individual impact reports for you.

A visualisation of the numi Product Take Back Program and how it supports the Circular Economy
How we contribute

Circular Economy

In a linear economy products are made of finite resources, sold to customers and most likely end up in landfills way too early. Our planet and health suffer and immense value is lost. With numi we contribute to closing loops by offering the digital infrastructure for brands to take back used products from their customers. By gaining access to used products brands can take responsibility and open up new revenue streams through recommerce, remanufacturing or recycling.

What we do

Process Automation

The numi.dashboard allows you to set up individual and automised Product Take Back processes in an easy way. On top we take care of customer communication, shipping label generation, product presorting, item tracking, customer compensation, and circularity reporting.

A detail view of the numi. Product Take Back Dashboard
Product categories which can be used for numi. Product Take Back
What to take back

Product Categories

Product Take Back is particularly valuable when the product lifetime exceeds the average period of use. Suitable products are within the segments of fashion, sports equipment, kids equipment and tools.

Is it for you?

How numi can help 🚀

A business woman hanging clothing she received through numi Take Back

Raise Take Back Rate

With numi., you have access to your used products and open up new sales potential by reselling or recycling them.

A package being lifted by balloons depicting all the benefits a company can have with numi

Save your Time

Incentivise Product Take Back by offering attractive discounts. This increases retention and extends customer lifespan.

A man with barbell who is able to heavy lift because of the numi Take Back Program

Communicate Success

Join the Circular Movement and do good for the environment. Our reports help you measure and communicate your impact.


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